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Gunilla Food Tours Stockholm februari 2016In English about me and my blog.

My name is Gunilla Blixt and I am a chef and journalist.

I work as a food tour guide, but also with creating, writing and, most of all, editing recipes.

Recipe editor
I have been working as a freelance writer since 1994 and I still am today.

I edit recipes for the Swedish food magazine Gourmet and I create new recipes and help food producers with sample cooking and recipe writing.

Recipes in English

Newest recipe in Enlish: »Fish soup like Kajsa’s

Here are links to recipes (and other things) asked for during the Food Tour ”Nordic Experience”.
»Nordic Experience, recipes
»Kalles kaviar
»Food presents from Sweden
»Gunillas favorite restaurants (still working on this article)

Some more about Swedish food
»About Swedish food

All my recipes in English
»Recipes in English

About the food blog

This blog was opened when my children left home and wanted all mum’s recipes in one place. ”Mum-start a food blog!

The blog is about my everyday life in my own kitchen, not the professional cooking. The photos are mine and not styled. 

My catchwords in cooking are

  • Home made “Hemlagat”
  • Healthy “Hälsosamt”
  • Sustainable “Resursklokt”

Ester Matilda was my cooking teacher

I learnt cooking from my grandmother Ester Matilda.
»About my grandmother


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On facebook you also find my page Gunillas home made Swedish food. Like and get updates every time i publish new English recipes!


Instagram: @gunillablixt Pics from my kitchen


Swedish recipes in the US

I also contribute with recipes now and then in the biggest American Swedish newspaper, Nordstjernan.

»Gunillas recipes in Nordstjernan


Food tour-guide

When I guide guests in culinary Stockholm, I get the opportunity to meet people from all over the word, and talk about food.

I am well educated in Swedish and Nordic cooking, and I am happy to share my knowledge gathered during a long time as afood writer. Every day working as a food guide I also learn about cooking in the rest of the world.

Want to book a tour? »To Food Tours Stockholm

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