"Alltid på konsumentens sida"

Food presents from Sweden

Some examples of nice food presents to bring home from Sweden.

smörkniv butterknife

Cheese slicer

Every Swedish family always have at least one piece of hard cheese or semi-hard cheese at home.

And to have cheese slices on your open sandwiches, you need a cheese slicer.

The modern cheese slicer was invented in 1925, and this tool is very common in all Nordic countries. There are cheese slicers that makes just slices, and also ones that grate the cheese, for instance if you want to put grated cheese on top of pasta.

The cheese slicer is also practical to use for cutting slices of cucumber or cold butter. I use to cut thin slices of cabbage for cabbage salads with my cheese slicer.

Butter knife

A butter knife is a cutlery used to spread butter or other soft spreads on top of a slice of bread.

As we have a lot of open sandwiches for different kinds of meals, every Swedish household has several butterknives.

Nowadays they are often in plastic, but there are nice ones made of silver for fine dining. And, of course, the old style ones made of wood, of juniper.

If you are going to bring a butterknive or two, choose nice ones made of good smelling juniper, or plastic ones in beutiful colours.

 Edible presents
Some edible presents that you find in ordinary grocery stores and that are easy to carry:

-crispbread (knäckebröd)
-sweets or candy (godis)
-wild chips (dried snacks made of moose meat or reindeer)
-sauce mix (Gräddsås or Brunsås)

fäbodknäcke förpackning

godis 5 ahlgrens bilarvild chips

gräddsås pulversås ikea