"Alltid på konsumentens sida"

About my grandmother

Ester Matilda i Rosendal, Dagsberg

Grandma Ester Matilda

mormors skafferi grandmas pantry

In grandmas pantry









The one who introduced me to cooking was my grandmother Ester Matilda from Norrköping. Grandma had worked as a ‘party cook’ when she was young.

A ‘party cook’ went home to wealthy families and cooked food when there was a party, and the ordinary cook could not manage everything herself.

Of course my mother also is a great cook, and her meatballs are admired all over Östergötland, which is the county where I was raised.


My first memories of grandma is when she stands in the kitchen of the summer house Rosendal outside Norrköping. She wore a coat dress, apron, rag on her head and slippers. I do not think I saw her dressed in another way.

In the garden of Rosendal, there were fruit trees, a vegetable garden and a herb garden.Unfortunately Rosendal now is teared down. When grandmother sold the house, the land was slit into three, and there are now a new house on each of them.

Grandma’s pantry

At Rosendal there also was a large pantry that you could walk into. Shelves had crocheted fabrics, and there stood ‘Höganäskrus’ with lingonberry jam, applesauce and pickles.

On the other shelves were bottles of homemade lemonade and lingonberries preserved in water, bottles of homemade jam on fruit and garden berries.

A green stool to step on

In the kitchen at Rosendal was an iron stove where grandma fried herring and made pancakes. I loved to ”help” with the cooking, and for that I would go up there was a stool, a green one.

The green stool is now in the kitchen of my mother in her apartment in Norrköping. Now I am also a grandmother, and it felt very special when the grandchild Freja helped her great-grandmother (my mom) to cook and use the green stool.

One day maybe Freja or my other grandchildren, her brother Levi or her cousin Hedda, will pass the cooking tradition on.

mamma Freja lagar mat

Great grandmother, my mum, cooking with Freja

Freja på gröna pallen

Mum cooking with Freja on the green stool

kanelbullar mormor barnbarn

Baking with Freja and Levi

mormors gröna pall

The green stool