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Contributing editor in Nordstjernan

The first time I met Ulf Barslund Mårtensson was in 1996.

I visited the Nordstjernan office in New York City and immideately became a friend of the chief editor, Ulf Barslund Mårtensson.

Since then I have now and then contributed with recipes in the paper. In 2016 i finally met Ulf again, and I also had the pleasure to have his wife Mette on one of my food waltks in Stockholm City.

About Nordstjernan

This is what editor Amanda Olson Robinson says about Nordstjernan:

”Nordstjernan has brought information to immigrant Swedes and Scandinavians in America since 1872 — and 145 years later we are the only remaining resource for Swedish Americans that continues to reach readers from coast to coast (and even across the Atlantic)?

We are also already planning for next year — and what’s going on in Swedish- and Scandinavian America. We want to extend a warm invitation to you to please offer even more of your written contributions. It is people within the Swedish American community itself who bring the most relevant content to our readers.”

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