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Nordic experience, recipes





Clara Kajsas fisk GunillaRecipes
»Old man’s mix on rye bread
»Toast Skagen

»Fish soup like Kajsa’s

»Gravlax, Cold-cured salmon
»Mustard sauce for gravlax
»Swedish crisp bread

»Swedish meatballs
»Lingonberry jam
»Raw lingonberry jam

»Cinnamon buns
»Swedish sticky chocolate cake
»Cloudberries with ice cream
»Chocolate ball or Oats ball

My job as a food guide
In the mornings, I work with recipes by my computer, all alone. In the afternoons I work as a guide on walking food-tours in Stockholm, meeting perople from all over the world.

For me, this is an optimal way of living.

Recipes of Swedish food in English
Now and then my guests ask for recipes in English of the food samples, or other Swedish food.

On this page I put up some recipes, current on the tour called ”Nordic Experience”.

toast Skagen Tennstopet FTSgravad_lax_klassisk_dillhovmästarsås senapssåsknäckebrödköttbullar stektagunillas lingonberry jam

kladdkakahjortron glass 2 cloudberries icecream