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Kalles kaviar

Kalles kaviar a very swedish taste

….a very Swedush taste!

If you have eaten breakfast at a hotel in Sweden, maybe you have seen on the breakfast table, a mysteroius blue tube? The tube has a picture of a little blond boy.

If you go into a grocery store, in Sweden, this tube is also common in the display case.

The tube contains Kalles kaviar.

A very Swedish product

Kalles has a very Swedish taste. For you to get an idea of ​​how Swedish, I’ll tell you about their advertising. In the commercial a person travels around the world, and offers Kalles kaviar to people in Hawii, Costa Rica and Japan, and so on.

Everywhere, they do ugly faces, and let us know that this is NOT their favourite taste. The film ends with a woice which says: Kalles kaviar-a very Swedish taste!

The films are available on You Tube.

How to use Kalles kaviar

kalles kaviar mackaHow do we then use Kalles kaviar?

We put it on top of boiled eggs, on open sandwiches with eggs, or simply as a bread spread.

There’s even a recipe for a kind of potato casserole with Kalles kaviar, Kaviar-frestelse.


The story behind bread spred caviar

Already in the 1850s, Swedes mixed cod roe with salt to caviar. In the early 1900s sugar became a cheap spice, because we learned to extract sugar out of beets, which can be grown in our cold climate. And even caviar tried to be spiced up with sugar.

Someone tried to add other spices, and eventually oil, which made the caviar able to spread. In the 1950s, continued experimentation with that one started smoking caviar.

Kalles kaviar is born

In 1950, the producer Abbas factory manager bought the recipe for what would become Kalles caviar from a peddler. He got SEK 1000 for the recipe, which was pretty well paid at the time.

The new product became popular among children, who loved to use it as bread spread. The parents loved it because it was both quite nutritious, and did not cost so much. The caviar was named Kalles, because Kalle was a popular name at the time.

Kalles caviar in a blue tube

Most of sucess is about good marketing, so even the story of Kalles kaviar. Abbas factory manager had a son, and the boy’s mother had taken a nice photo of her son. Kalle’s ad agency thought it was a good idea to use the image on the tube.

The boy’s name is Carl Ameln, and that suited all very well, because if you are named Carl in Sweden, it is common to be called Kalle.

Kalles kaviar in the blue tube was launched in 1955, and sales success was a fact. The first year a million tubes were sold in small Sweden!

Kalles has also launched new flavors, no one, however, has been a success. The Swedes are traditionalists, Kalles should taste like Kalles!


A  curiosity  is that I worked with a woman, Birgitta, in a small shop once. Birgitta had been a classmate of Carl Ameln, the boy at Kalles caviar-tube!

By the way, Carl Ameln, which should be a distinguished older gentleman at this point, still get tubes of Kalle delivered to the door as thanks for his participation on the tube.

In 2013, MSC-certified raw material into Kalle’s caviar. Obviously, you can follow Kalles caviar on Instagram, #kalleskaviar, and Kalle have their own egg timer that app for iPhone and Android.

kalles kaviar tub Kalles kaviar små tuber